Sunday, October 31, 2010

Where am I now?

I haven't wrote on this in such a long time. I was just so busy that I forgot this blog even existed. So me and Tagan are exactly where we were. Best friends, I wont forget about all the things we did and all the things we went through to get where we are now. My mother has been trying so hard to convince me that being friends with her isn't the best thing for me. The honest truth is nothing is going to be the "Best" for me. I know what I'm doing and I'm not just going to let this person, my best friend in the whole universe just to walk out of my life. I let all these people around me with all their opinions and crazy emotions get inside my head. It hurts me sometimes how much PEOPLE can put you down, I even started to think that God who created man was a mistake. All we do is destroy everything in sight. Everything around us is slowly dying and we don't even care. What is wrong with this planet? I'm only here to destroy. Created by "The great destroyer." -(Nine inch nails.)

I can't wait to turn 18, I have less than a year now. I'm not sure what to do. What I'm going to do with this "future" of mine if there is one for me. Once again I found my life a mess. I find everything I have ever done a freaking mess. I don't even care about anything I hope one day something will come to me and BOOM just like that my life is already set. Anyways until tomorrow I will tell you more about this LIFE of mine.

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