Sunday, July 18, 2010


Okay so this is how it goes... I'm going back to my old school but... This time I can't mess up. No repeats of last year, So a weird thing is Tagan and I are actually getting along which is really weird so now we are going back to school together. Hope this works but she has changed. It's something I needed to feel; secure. I came from the outside of this world and found my way in but in the end I was lost in things I didn't understand. It's really too late to go back and fix what I did but at least I can still finish what I started in a better way. I lost friends and I gained them back it only took a little bit of the effort I had left. For today this is my new start on a better life, after everything we can still look back and laugh at all the stupid things that were committed. I can still breathe and come back to reality to what life really is. I'm sorry for so many things, for hurting the only person who cares so much about me, the one who brought me into this life to experience these things, the one who taught me everything and yes I'm talking about my mother. Well apologies are not my thing so here goes nothing.

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