Monday, July 12, 2010

"Never Forget"

I gave in and grabbed the phone. Despite everything that has happened, I just gave in and called him. He answered the phone; it was one of those things where you call just to hang up, but then he said "Jazzy?" the name only someone who really knows me calls me by this. His voice sounded husky, familiar and so I just started crying on the phone. "Whats wrong? what happened?" He asked sincerely almost the way it was when he really cared. I hung up whats wrong with me? I just called him and cried like some psycho person. I don't think he understands how much I need him right now and I ruined it. The phone rang I picked it up "Listen I know you don't feel like talking but you need to tell me something." He demanded I tried to make my voice strong to talk back so I replied "Like what?" My voice trembled "Meet me somewhere, maybe then we can talk?" He asked calmly "Where..." I managed to ask " The Park." He hung up.

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