Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A piece of the past

Hadley- I miss him so much, he was the kind of person I really felt comfortable around I didn't care about anything when I was with him. Hadley could change my whole day just by talking to him he was so happy and full of energy. Hadley was a boy who loved to draw, skateboard, and just live life. Like most people Hadley had a past, he used to use drugs I know he was sent to rehab but I never asked about it, maybe because I didn't want to know it deserves to be left unsaid. He remembers everything about me; my middle name, my favorite color, where I'm from, where I go to school... and the list goes on. There's this fire inside of him almost like a dangerous trouble maker side and that's why I like him. The attraction has always been there though. Whenever I see him he always says hi and whispers in my ear. He always touches me in a way to let me know he is always there for me, even though he lives a couple blocks away, he might as well be a million miles away because he has his own life. He doesn't look back he just keeps moving making small mistakes along the way. I honestly don't think I could ever meet anyone else like Hadley.

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