Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pink Shrooms!

I'm making a determined goal for myself, never ever trust a skanky whore... especially if her name is Tagan. Seriously I wasted my whole sophomore year on a bitch that took my life and ripped it up to pieces, she doesn't care, she doesn't care that she has taken something from me and she still has a sly smile on her face. Really? No one cares if your going to prom and you have the perfect dress, and your dad finally came around so your family has never been so perfect. you finally have your life going for you even though your life is basically a lie, made up with all the bull shit that came out of your mouth, full of all the lies you told me. Someday everyone will know that what you are; a well defeated, self-indulgent, deceived skank bitch. The only person you damage is yourself. So I hope you enjoy your wonderful life while it lasts. Don't worry about me! I went to hell like your, self worth and your friendship, also I flushed that stupid pink mushroom friendship necklace down the toilet.

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