Monday, May 31, 2010


Some wounds heal, leave scars- but sometimes we don't really see the pain that someone feels. They could go their whole life and still be unhappy, isn't that why people kill themselves; happy family members? A parent? A friend? I guess it's their only way of ending the suffering that they feel- the only way they could end the pain and grieve they feel each day, an emptiness that will never go away and even though they have a family... they chose to leave and never return. They chose to let someone down, leave someone all alone in a world, and they chose to just give up. I don't really understand the pain someone must have to lose a parent, both parents infact I mean really? What would you do if someone told you that their father killed himself and his mother left? His heart is tainted, and his life is full of questions he will never have answered, he will never have his father at his basketball games, watch him grow up and go to college and eventually he will start a family of his own. This boy, this beautiful soul goes about the world as the most happiest person I have ever met. Behind the laugh and his smile, you can still see something there and still he goes on.

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