Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Hangover

Alright, alright I have been cheating myself out- I was in denial for a long time and now I think I found the cure; LOVE. No I don't mean loving the world, my life or my family I mean real sensual, passionate, intense and affectionate love for someone. I woke up different, I woke up and it felt like my life changed and the first thing I thought of was him. Hadley the name just rolls of the tip of you tongue and tastes sweet, and the birds sang this morning for once I didn't want to chock the living day lights out of the birds that wake me up each morning I just wanted sing. Falling in love is a beautiful thing I mean if everyone just fell in love it would end everything; war, violence, poverty. Love could change the world! Everything is finally in place now. Last night was just a dream okay your probably sick of hearing me talk about love so let me fill you in with what happened.

The late text buzzes and vibrates my pocket of my jeans laying on the floor, it's him. I jump up and reply back it's been a while since he has texted me and I thought he erased my number. 'Hey' a few moments later another text comes I open the message and it says 'sneak out with me?' WHAT. Is this really happening? 'Ha. Are you serious?' I reply, for a while there was no answer and I hate waiting for texts. Finally the text arrives and he says 'Come outside' Now I was freaking out I looked out my window and he was leaning against my tree with his arms folded across his chest, my heart skipped a beat what do I do now? I sat for a second to argue with myself. How much trouble could I get in? What does he want? Why is he here? I could not sneak for the life of me I mean everything I have done I've always been caught. There was this voice inside of me tempting me and telling me how I was only young once was I really going to stay here living by rules and only doing what your told. So I grabbed my jacket, shoes and a squirt of perfume and out the door I went... To be continued tomorrow.

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